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the fool

theoddestportal in sg_arts

City Chinese Orchestra: 四季回响 Harmonies of the Seasons

Harmonies of the Seasons

Date: 18 Sep 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 5 pm
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall

Ticket Prices (not inclusive of SISTIC charges):
Standard - $20*, $26*, $32*, $38 (excluding SISTIC charges).
Concession available for Full Time Students, NSFs and Senior Citizens: $16, $21 and $26 respectively.

Special offers: This show is available for the Keppel Nights 50% subsidy, for Cat 1 ($38) tickets. Whilst stocks last.

Direct link to SISTIC to purchase tickets: http://www.sistic.com.sg/cms/events/index.html?contentCode=season0911

City Chinese Orchestra proudly presents a stirring evening of well-loved classic Chinese musical works in Harmonies of the Seasons 《四季回响》. The repertoire will comprise of famous compositions such as the Four Seasons Suite 《春、夏、秋、冬》composed by Lu Liang Hui.
Banhu maestro Huo Yong Gang will also lead the orchestra in the classic Banhu Concerto The Seasons Suite《四季套曲》composed by the late Huqin maestro Liu Ming Yuan.
Renowned Guanzi maestro Hou Yan Qiu from China will join the Orchestra in performing classic works such as River Flows《江河水》 amongst others. The Orchestra will also première an exciting new composition by resident composer Li Chong Wang.

Allow the orchestra to bring you an enchanting experience of the beauty and intricacies of the four seasons through their interpretation of the picturesque scenes of the seasons,
Established in 1974, City Chinese Orchestra is highly regarded not only in Singapore but also in Asia and beyond. Led by Conductor and Cultural Medallion recipient, Tay Teow Kiat, the orchestra has successfully performed both locally and in numerous cities in China, and has received numerous favourable reviews.