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Calling all Writers and Performers! Here is your chance to bring your written works to stage! Poiesis is your chance to be talent spotted and coached by industry professionals.

Poiesis – Play Poetry Slam™, an interdisciplinary arts event for all writers and performers, is a one night-only ticketed theatrical slam that promises to be an unforgettable night of original poetic works by you, our budding poet-performers. Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s work, Mirrormask, you will be challenged to explore the blur between illusion and reality, escapism, and the power of imagination through individual, paired or group performances. The 3-8 minute ‘mini poetry plays’ slam will be judged by random audience members and literary and performance experts.

Win a personalized mentorship and the opportunity to present your talent at LIT UP Singapore 2012, an international literary arts platform in Singapore and further performance opportunities with Word Forward.

Visit "iampoiesis.wordpress.com" for more updates and details!